Here at Lamoille Sheriff, we understand and acknowledge the power of information, especially those that come from the World Wide Web. This is why our daily goal is to regularly update and verify all the content we share with you.

As we value you, our visitors and clients, we are giving you several sources/tools of information about Lamoille that might prove to be useful for you. These resources can provide additional details regarding our small county and what it has to offer its visitors.

Online Resources and Tools of Information

This website is managed by the Lamoille Economic Development Corporation or LEDC. This contains information about the county’s economy, the business and commercial sectors, real estate, and jobs. If you are interested in Lamoille’s startup community, this site offers is the best online source for you.

Common Good Vermont is dedicated to nonprofit organizations and their advocacies. It intends to bring together these organizations by providing an online venue for reliable, relevant news & updates and resources useful for these groups, as well as for those who want to contribute to Vermont’s growth.

Dedicated to families, the Lamoille Family Center website is a complete resource center for parents and their children. Aside from news and tips for raising children, the site also lays out events, activities, and programs that members of the Lamoille community can take part in. also has tips, suggestions, and stories about parenting.

If you want to get more information about Vermont’s interesting history (including that of Lamoille), the Vermont Historical Society website is the best online resource. Aside from meaningful insights into the state’s past, you’ll also find information about which places to visit for historical exposure. You can also shop for museum items through this website.

The Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce website contains information about the county, including suggestions and guides for those who plan to work or relocate in Lamoille. Also, the website offers updated details about the arts & entertainment sector; dining, lodging, and recreation options; and events happening around the county.