Meeting the Amazing Facilities of Johnson State College Library and Leaning Center


Lamoille’s most beloved academic institution is Johnson State College. Located in Johnson, Vermont, the school was established in 1828 and is known for its liberal arts program. It is part of the Vermont State College System. One of its best features is its college library and learning center.

The Willey Library


In 1866, the Johnson Normal School Library was established. It became the Library and Learning Center in 1995, and its features were slowly upgraded. One of the significant add-ons was a website that included a subscription database that could be accessed online or remotely. In 2011, the library was renamed to The Willey Library, after Johnson State College 1971 graduate Richard Willey. Aside from exhibits, the library also has modern facilities and features.

State-of-the-Art Library Facilities

Green Building


The library is a green building as it makes use of natural light and has solar heating. It features a sky bridge that links it to another building. The building is made of steel, slate, tinted glass, and granite. It has an amphitheater located outside the building, which is often used for events and social functions.

Reading Room for Children

The Alice Whiting Children’s Reading Room is where you will find a varied children’s book collection. Book titles are regularly updated.

High-Tech Facilities


The Willey Library uses state-of-the-art/high-tech facilities. For one, it offers Wi-Fi access, although it is not for public use. The library also provides users electronic access to some research sources. Aside from the study spaces, there are computers that library visitors can utilize for various research purposes.

Finding Books, Journals, and Articles


While the library features a regular catalog for its materials, The Willey Library also allows visitors to use a database that gives them access to books, journals, and articles. In addition to this, electronic books are also available and can be easily accessed online. There is also a public domain where visitors and library users can download audiobooks for free. Lastly, visitors can access sources encyclopedias through a virtual reference library.