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Recognized as one of the least populated counties in Vermont, Lamoille was founded in 1936 and was named after the Lamoille River. According to census records, the county’s total population as of 2015 was estimated at a little over 25,000.

Although Lamoille is a small county, it has a lot of places and events guaranteed to make your visit (or stay) a pleasant and meaningful one. Its biggest attraction is its interesting historical heritage, which is chronicled in many of the county’s library and museums.

Every year, the Lamoille County Field Days bring in more or less 10,000 people who take part in the 3-day celebration. The event is an agricultural fair that has been a tradition for years. This over 50-year old event brings together families and friends in various activities intended to promote not only Lamoille but also its agricultural gifts.

These are just some of the things that Lamoille Sheriff offers to you. Since ours is a small community, all the information you can get about it is significant. This is why we offer only the most relevant, up-to-date, and exciting news, tips, features, and events happening (or about to happen) in the county.