Should You Ever Move Your Family to Lamoille VT?


Lamoille County in Vermont is a small place with a small population. Even then, it is a continuously growing community that offers a lot of excellent opportunities for families, especially for those just starting to build a home. Yes, Lamoille is an ideal place for you and your family and this is because of several reasons.

The Ideal Community


Lamoille maybe a small county, but it is an energetic and always improving one. It offers opportunities for growth, for families and businesses. The county’s various industries are likewise experiencing positive growth. There is no reason why your family won’t like the Lamoille community.

Affordable Housing Options


Lamoille County has a rock solid housing program that allows residents to avail of affordable housing options. Whether you want an apartment, a condominium, or a single detached home, you’ll find rates that will match your budget.

Committed to Quality Education

One proof that Lamoille County cares for the future of its young residents is its unwavering support to its educational institutions. Regular projects for schools, colleges, and universities are quickly carried out. As a result, Lamoille County students have many choices for education: Lamoille Union Middle and High School, Stowe High School, Mount Mansfield Winter Academy, the technology-centered Green Mountain Technology and Career Center, and of course, Johnson State College.

Business Opportunities


Since Lamoille is a growing county, it opens countless opportunities for various businesses. While the county may not have large companies or globally successful businesses, it boasts of an active commercial and business scene. Stores and offices continue to crop up one after the other. Lamoille County has a healthy business environment.

Caring for Residents’ Health


Lamoille County is home to several health care facilities, including hospitals, which offer quality protection, care, and medical services. These health care centers and hospitals use tried and tested modern facilities. Some hospitals offer emergency services 24/7. Likewise, Lamoille’s clinics and hospitals offer affordable health care packages.


Meeting the Amazing Facilities of Johnson State College Library and Leaning Center


Lamoille’s most beloved academic institution is Johnson State College. Located in Johnson, Vermont, the school was established in 1828 and is known for its liberal arts program. It is part of the Vermont State College System. One of its best features is its college library and learning center.

The Willey Library


In 1866, the Johnson Normal School Library was established. It became the Library and Learning Center in 1995, and its features were slowly upgraded. One of the significant add-ons was a website that included a subscription database that could be accessed online or remotely. In 2011, the library was renamed to The Willey Library, after Johnson State College 1971 graduate Richard Willey. Aside from exhibits, the library also has modern facilities and features.

State-of-the-Art Library Facilities

Green Building


The library is a green building as it makes use of natural light and has solar heating. It features a sky bridge that links it to another building. The building is made of steel, slate, tinted glass, and granite. It has an amphitheater located outside the building, which is often used for events and social functions.

Reading Room for Children

The Alice Whiting Children’s Reading Room is where you will find a varied children’s book collection. Book titles are regularly updated.

High-Tech Facilities


The Willey Library uses state-of-the-art/high-tech facilities. For one, it offers Wi-Fi access, although it is not for public use. The library also provides users electronic access to some research sources. Aside from the study spaces, there are computers that library visitors can utilize for various research purposes.

Finding Books, Journals, and Articles


While the library features a regular catalog for its materials, The Willey Library also allows visitors to use a database that gives them access to books, journals, and articles. In addition to this, electronic books are also available and can be easily accessed online. There is also a public domain where visitors and library users can download audiobooks for free. Lastly, visitors can access sources encyclopedias through a virtual reference library.

Four Facts About Lamoille County You Didn’t Know Before


Lamoille County may not be as famous as the other counties in Vermont, but it has its surprises. Here are four facts that prove Lamoille is an exciting, interesting, and adventurous place.

The Ice Age Story


According to several historical accounts, in the ice age, the place now known as Lamoille was engulfed by ice. A glacial lake was formed as the ice melted partially. This new body of water is now called Lake Stowe. Later on, after the ice melted completely, lake water went all the way to the Lamoille River Valley. Hire for bed bug treatment in nyc

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No U.S. Route for This Small County


Considered as Vermont’s 2nd smallest county in terms of area, Lamoille County is unique because it is the only one in the state that does not have a U.S. Route that passes through it. As of 2015, Lamoille’s estimated population is just a little over 25,000.

Bingham Falls in Stowe


One of the beautiful and breathtaking secrets of Lamoille County is Bingham Falls. Located in the town of Stowe, this cascading falls is a favorite go-to place for many residents and tourists. For the adventurous, there is a gorge where one can go and then jump 30 feet down into a pool. Bingham Falls is also perfect for nature lovers because it has a trail where one can hike on. Of course, the trail leads to the majestic waterfall.

A Recreation Path


Another fun and exciting place in Stowe, Lamoille is the Stowe Recreation Path. This greenway starts at Stowe Village and ends all the way up to Mountain Road, where Top Notch Resort is found. It offers beautiful views of the mountains. You can bike or skate along the path, but motorized vehicles are not allowed. Of course, walking is also an option. Along the way, you’ll be awed by colorful flowers and greens, as well as wooden bridges. Sometimes, you’ll be lucky enough to spot an outdoor art display and even a farmer’s market on Sundays. Likewise, you can relax and rest for awhile and stop for ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s, or savor a cold beer in one of the breweries.